00 (57 of 209)During my participation on the Marketing Summit Sarajevo had the chance, once again, to be exposed to the cultural and historical richness of such city, as well as to some of the most prominent local and regional leaders.

Sarajevo in particular, Bosnia and Hercegovina and the Balkans in general, resemble to me Lebanon, in relation to some of its characteristics: a multi-religion, multi-ethnic society. And just like Lebanon, B&H has struggled to find a common platform that allows them to profit, rather than suffer, from its diversity.

The new wave of regional business leaders have a tremendous responsibility to help the developing process in this latitude. Having travelled and worked in the Balkans for many years, and after meeting many of the key decision makers, I can’t but be optimistic about the future of this always surprising region.

Cover photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/m1key-me/