In “The Third Wave” published in 1980, Alvin Toffler describes the future of society in the XXI century.

Among the changes we would experience, he mentioned the transition from the Industrial Society into the Information Age one. Triggered by the use of technology, the consumer would be able to participate in the design and manufacturing of his or her own products (and services), playing a much more active role than in traditional purchasing processes.

He called this phenomenon, the Prosumer. A blended individual, that would act both, as a consumer as well as a producer of his own products. The 3D printer, as an instance, is quickly taking us to that point, long ago envisioned by Toffler.

A simpler way though, of achieving the same result, is by making the consumer participate (via social media enabled channels) in the design of their beloved products.

Oreo, is an example of it.



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