Germanwings rebranding

Lufthansa’s subsidary, Germanings, has undertaken a very subtle re-branding process towards Eurowings.

This re-branding process has, in my view, three reasons:

A) A political one: it’s well known, at least to the ones that work/live in southern european countries the fact that the role Germany has played during the soverign debt crisis has created a doubtful reputation against the teutons. Sentiments negatively linked to an expansionist Germany floats the air of Mediterranean Europe. Changing the german component of the name into an european one, helps reducing potential animosity.

B) Market one: the newly offered destinations of the airline goes beyong Europe, extending its reach to long-haul destinations. The German side of the name restricts the real meaning of the brand and doesn’t represents fully the current and future portfolio.

C) Perception one: time heals all wounds, especially when people forget…Just as a few people today still remember that one of the most advertised accounting scandals in business history led to the re-branding of Arthur Andersen into the today’s reputed Accenture, Germanwing’s executives are betting on the temporary-oriented and selective memory of the general public to, as time goes by (slowly but surely), forget about the tragedy that left big stains in the company’s reputation. Even though people may not fully forget, surely they’ll at least stop associating this “new” airline to that particullar event.