What’s being the role of brands?

Many would tell you different things.

Though, in essence, the role of brands seem to be to present consumers with an idealistic, almost perfect picture of life, society, and individuals. The Superhero Society creates those rarely achieved lifestyles that drive the majority of people towards a hard-to-avoid sensation of dissatisfaction, and anxiety.

When that psychological state of mind is created, exactly then, is when a brand will appear in its full potential, offering taking that potential user the closest possible to that ideal self.

In a nutshell:

In order to “rescue” the consumer from that undesired situation, a very common branding strategy has been used, for a long time: The Hero (giving also space to other brands to play the “Anti-hero role, of course).

The fundamental reason why this type of strategy works well will be discussed in another post, but it could be explained anthropologically by the need of human beings to feel protected by a certain “superior power” (specially to find answers to the fundamental questions that science can’t still give). This human “need” could be traced back to every society analysed, starting with the ancient ones.

The following video elaborates on these concepts.

Enjoy it.


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