In one of the latest reports of Trendwatching, the branding agency is talking about the fact that consumers seem to show signs of guilt, when engaging with brands that do not do well to the environment and society.



This Guilty Global Consumer is ready to avoid consuming from brands that negatively affect the environment (53%), and are convinced brands should do much more than just putting profits on top of their agenda (73%).

This general consumer attitude opens, once again, the opportunity for brands to play what I’ve called the “Hero/Anti-hero” strategy, linked to the #KidnappedConsumer and the #SuperheroSociety.

Positions can be exchanged, and a brand once playing the Anti-hero strategy (Nike, “Find Your Greatness Campaign”),

eventually turns into the Hero Strategy (Nike, Michael Jordan Space Jam II),

Either one, the other…or eventually both. But never ever none of them! Define your Hero/Anti-hero Strategy, and take your consumers’ mind position.

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