The German economy is doing well. Despite the overall negative outlook of its neighbours, and the low growth rate predicted for the EU (and it’s diminishing power relative to other regions of the world) for the years to come, Germany seems to be protected.

One of the reasons could be the country-brand, overall, that Germans built specially in certain sectors, like the automobile industry. According to recent studies, the ranking of the most valuable brands in Germany put the car manufacturers on top. They account for about 70% of the value of the top 10 most valuable brands.


Now, isn’t it a bit too risky to be so immensely dependable on one particular sector? Particularly, when you couple it with the fact that among the 5 most innovative automotive industry companies, worldwide, there’s just one German firm. If innovation sets the pace of future success, then German business leaders and policy makers should be seriously thinking about this.


When benchmarking the German automobile industry within the European boundaries, then it’s clear that Deutschland has an edge vis a vis it’s neighbours. So, the threat comes from somewhere else, mainly Asia…