“‪Dr. Nicolas Kfuri was my favorite professor, combining what I value most in a lecturer – deep knowledge of the subject and charismatic personality. Prof. Kfuri taught Strategic Management using the most relevant case studies about the trendiest companies and business models, as well as great examples from personal practical experience. His approach was able to spark interest in any student and always got the whole class deeply engaged in vivid and productive discussions. For me, Nicolas turned out to be not just a great MBA teacher but also a life-long friend and mentor to whom I can reach out when faced with a challenging business or career choice.”

‪Ana Indjic

Marketing Manager at Visa, Russia

“‪Dr. Kfuri is a highly professional, incredible and high-performance motivational speaker who shows forward-thinking leaders how to unlock new progress and build the future of work. He is an exceptionally insightful connoisseur and global market trend forecaster. Dr. Kfuri’s charismatic presentations are an inspiration to various audiences where he turns even the most passive of individuals into active dialogue participants. At his lectures, he presents research findings with clear expression and sharp interpretation. He inspired more than 1,000 participants at a conference recently organized by the Finance Business Academy. His passionate lectures ensure impact with a high take-away value.

Tatjana Pogacnik

Event Director, Business Daily Finance, Slovenia.

“‪Dr. Nicolas Kfuri is a person who is able to motivate every signle student by interactive and innovative methods of teaching. He is not just a professor but also a real friend and advisor. He makes students love and explore the marketing rather than just study it. “

‪Rebecca Hakobyan Gupta

‪Head of Marketing and PR at Ameriabank CJSC, Armenia

“‪I am happy to recommend Dr. Kfuri as a sheer professional! As a student in Professor Kfuri’s Strategic Management class I was truly impressed with the teaching methods employed. Dr. Kfuri’s approach was very practical, in touch with the latest trends and practices. The knowledge obtained could be applied right on in my current job. His broad experience and expertise added great value in this module making it one of the most useful and practical for me. I would recommend Dr. Kfuri as a great professor and experienced consultant of whose expertise could benefit both students and companies alike!”

‪Andrey Petrov

Subject Matter Expert (Enterprise Services) – EMEA Sales Governance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bulgaria

“‪I had the opportunity to attend the “International Marketing Management” Classes from Dr. Nicolas Kfuri during the residency in Shanghai of the IMM program from Purdue University (USA).‪
His enthusiasm and energy made me love marketing even more. Dr. Kfuri captures the attention of the class because his lectures are never boring: he enhances the learning experience by applying marketing. During classes he used very interesting cases, and also stimulated students, even the ones who had never before experience with marketing, to using real life cases. I am very happy with the interesting feedback on my marketing plan I received from Dr. Kfuri, as well as from my peers. I hope I can make use of his precious advises also in the future. I admire Dr. Kfuri’s experience, as well as his amazing cultural awareness, especially when dealing with such and international environment as our class.
‪I definitely recommend Dr. Kfuri both as Professor and as Consultant”

‪Daniela Ribezzo

Business Development at GFBiochemicals, The Netherlands

“‪Mr. Nicolas Kfuri is one of the most prominent professors of my studies. His teaching approach combining theory with practice based in his rich international experience has allowed us a good understanding of marketing concepts and practices.


‪Brand Manager chez HARIBO, France

“‪I had the honor to be one of Dr. Nicolas KFURI student’s, he is highly disciplined, available and always willing to support and to help people. His international experiences and his personal qualities made him an excellent consultant both on the business level as well as on the personal level.

‪Souad FARSI

‪Programme Management Analyst, Advisory Services Department at European Investment Bank, Belgium-Egypt.

“‪Dr. Nicolas Kfuri is one of the best Professors I met in my student carrer. He can make you love the subject as nobody else. With his examples from his personal experience, he is able to involve every student. Moreover he is really friendly, he gave us a lot of advises for our careers.

‪Riccardo Pozzoli

Honored to lead TBS Crew, Italy

“‪Dr. Nicolas Kfuri always brings with him energy, cheer and sense of pupose in his professional and personal interactions.It is remarkable how he can get each student of his class passionately involved in class discussions and at the same time maintain relevance and drive the sequential flow of discussion towards a timely and logical conclusion.His experiences and in-depth knowledge of the markets and consumer behaviour of many countries all around the world have made his students well prepared to meet challenges and explore opportunities in today’s highly interconnected global environment.Very often I have approached Dr. Kfuri for advise and on each occasion he took the time to understand the issue in detail and has offered valuable advice that has helped me become a better professional.

‪Dr. Saurabh Saxena

‪Healthcare professional, India.

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