This week, I’ve celebrated the launch of the Branding campaign of the German National futbol team. Just as many other national teams have done it (or it has just happened to them) in the past, Germans also decided to brand their team. Additionally, I admit I find its branding slogan very appropriate: The Team. It truly reflects German soccer/futbol style: the team is the star, not any individual (by the way, I also think this is a reflection of the German society overall, which privileges more a social/community approach rather than an individualistic one (with pros and cons associated to such a cultural/societal way of life).

All that being said, still can’t understand the incredible timing error of this launch: firstly, Germans lost one year! And who knows when they’ll be able to catch it up! An year ago, the German National team won the World Cup. The most important and mostly watched sport event in the world was in this team hands. We all talked, listened, watched, wrote, etc. about them. Today, when no one is talking about it, then have decided to start their branding campaign.

Secondly: in the current times, apart from Messi and Barcelona, the only reasons we heard about futbol is simply due to the corruption scandals around FIFA. In this context, the National German team Branding campaign has been launched.

Such a pity, such a missed opportunity. And such an incredible timing mistake!